Dr Pal Aksel Naess

Professor of Surgery, Trauma Surgeon            Oslo University Hospital Norway

Dr John Armstrong

Professor of Surgery, Division Chief, Trauma and Acute Care Surgeon            University of South Florida, USA

Dr Adam Brooks

Hepatobiliary and Trauma Surgeon, Nottingham University Hospital, UK

Dr Tina Gaarder

Professor, Head of Trauma, Trauma Surgeon Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Dr Sharon Henry

Professor, Trauma and Acute Care Surgeon            Baltimore, USA

Mrs Kathleen Martin

Trauma System Consultant            Pennsylvania, USA



Dr Li-tserng Teo

Director of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery          Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Dr Michael Sugrue

Professor, Acute Care and General Surgeon         Letterkenny, Ireland

2024 National Faculty

Dr Milan Bassan

Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist
Liverpool, NSW

Dr Zsolt Balogh

Trauma Surgeon, Director,  John Hunter, Newcastle, NSW

Dr Bryan Barry

Interventional Radiologist,  Liverpool, NSW

Dr Aditya Benjamin

Surgeon, Director of TACS,  Liverpool, NSW

Mr Bernard Carlon

Executive Director Centre for Road Safety – Transport NSW 

Dr John Crozier

Vascular and Trauma Surgeon,               Liverpool, NSW

Dr Lai Heng Foong

Emergency Physician
Bankstown NSW

Ms Sally Forrest

Trauma Case Manager
Liverpool, NSW

Ms Nevenka Francis

Injury Prevention CNC
Liverpool, NSW

Mr Steven Frost

Professorial Fellow, Registered Nurse 
Liverpool, NSW

Dr Alan Giles

Emeregency Physician
Campbelltown, NSW

Mr Raphael Grzebieta

Professor Transport & Road Safety Research, UNSW, Monash Forensic Medicine, VIC

Dr Jim Iliopoulos

Director of Surgery, Vascular Surgeon, 
Liverpool, NSW

Dr Martin Jarmin

Trauma and Acute Care Surgeon, Perth, WA

Ms Helen Jowett

Trauma Program Manager
Royal Children’s Melbourne, VIC

Dr Leon Lam

Liverpool, NSW

Dr Paul Lambrakis 

Trauma and Acute Care Surgeon, Liverpool, NSW

Dr Mary Langcake

Trauma Surgeon, Director of Trauma
St George, NSW

Dr Kate Martin

Trauma Surgeon
Royal Melbourne, VIC

Dr Michael Parr

Intensive Care Specialist, Director of ICU
Liverpool, NSW

Dr Chris Partyka

Emergency Physician, Retrievalist
Royal North Shore, NSW

Dr Simon Robertson

Canberra, ACT

Mr Dwight Robinson

Senior Project and Policy Officer,
Ministry, NSW Health

Dr Sean Sweeney-Knapp 

Liverpool, NSW

Dr Louise Sweet

Anaesthetist, Director of Anaesthetics, 
Liverpool, NSW

Mr Mick Timms

Road Policing Specialist

Mr Wayne Wallace

Intensive Care Paramedic, Bankstown Ambulance Service, NSW

Mr Jeremy Woolley

Professor, Director of Automotive Safety Research, University of Adelaide, S.A

Dr Martin Wullschleger

Trauma Surgeon
Director of Trauma, Royal Brisbane, QLD

Executive Organising Committee

Dr Valerie Malka

Trauma and Acute Care Surgeon, Convenor

Dr Scott D’Amours

Trauma and Acute Care Surgeon  Convenor

Leanne McKechnie

Education & Training Manager


Linda Gutierrez

Data Manager

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