Mr Michael Sugrue

Mr Michael Sugrue

Letterkenny, Ireland


Consultant Breast and General Surgeon, Letterkenny University Hospital and University Hospital Galway Ireland.

Michael qualified  1981 from University College Galway   with many undergraduate honours and awards and during his 20 years at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney he obtained his MD in 2002 for his work on Intra-abdominal Pressure and Renal Failure, on which he has published widely.

He is ex-president of World Society Abdominal Compartment Syndrome and was convenor of the 2nd and 4th World Congress on the Abdominal Compartment Syndrome. He has achieved many awards for pursuit of educational initiatives included the ESR Hughes Medal from Australasian College of Surgeons in 2008. He enjoys patients and is a very hands-on working surgery. He has a keen interest  in technical  aspects of surgery and patient outcomes.  He has published over 150 papers. Michael is currently General and Breast Surgeon in Letterkenny Hospital and Galway University Hospital Ireland. He has developed many  courses in Emergency Surgery, including EASC and student EASC and Difficult Open Abdomen.  The EASC course is now one of the worlds most popular Emergency Abdominal Surgery Course and taught in 10 countries.

He is one of the champions of the Development Centre for Personalised Medicine, Clinical Decision Making & Patient Safety’ (CPM) project which will improve clinical decision-making, personalised to the individual patient through collaborative academic, clinical and industry based research across Donegal, Northern Ireland ireland Scoltand and UK .  Michael is looking forward to SWAN 25 – the mother of all meetings!!

Michael is a keen photographer and brings more than the patient to life which his imagery  (♯wild_atlantic_photogapher).  His writes poems and enjoys cycling between coffees with Pauline.