Dr Chris Bleeker

Dr Chris Bleeker

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Surgeon Captain Chris Bleeker is an anaesthetist at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Clinic and reserve medical officer in the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN).

Chris started his career as medical officer for the RNLN, became a flight surgeon and head of RNLN Aviation Medicine. As chief medical officer of the airfield he was actively involved in the Airport Medical Emergency Organisation and air-sea rescue.

After a tour in NATO headquarters CINCHAN in Northwood, UK he diverted to anaesthesia continuing his interests in traumatology. After qualification he gained extensive experience in trauma in South Africa, the helicopter emergency medical system and in several operational military and humanitarian missions in different countries where he acted as clinical director to the different field hospitals. Chris is currently secretary to the NATO COMEDS expert panel on Emergency Medicine.

As Senior Anaesthetist for the Netherlands Armed Forces he sought a pre-deployment course for the Dutch military anaesthetists. Because there was no good course available he established the Definitive Anaesthetic Trauma Care Course as an anaesthesiological equivalent to the Definitive Surgical Trauma Care Course. This course has grown into an international organization where Dr Bleeker is chairman.