Dr John Armstrong

Florida, United States

Dr Karen Brasel

Portland, USA

Dr Adam Brooks

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Dr Andre Campbell

San Fransico, USA

Ms Heidi Hotz

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dr Mike Hunter

Dunedin, New Zealand

Ms Kathleen Martin

Colorado, USA

Dr Maeyane Steve Moeng

Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr Tarek Razek

Montreal, Canada

2019 National Faculty

Dr Eric Chalmers

Co Vice-President of the Australasian College of Road Safety

Dr John Crozier

Vascular and Trauma Surgeon, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr Ailene Fitzgerald

Trauma Surgeon, Director Trauma Services, Canberra Hospital, ACT

Dr Bruce French

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr Alan Giles

Emergency Physician, Campbelltown Hospital, NSW

Dr Andrew Gilmore

Colorectal Surgeon, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr Ian Harris

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr Jeremy Hsu

Trauma Director, Westmead Hospital. NSW

Dr Martin Jarmin

Trauma Fellow, Trauma Department, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr Martin Jones

General Surgeon, Director of Surgery, Shoalhaven Hospital, NSW

Dr Leon Lam

Radiologist, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr Mary Langcake

Trauma Director, St George Hospital, NSW

Dr Kate Martin

Trauma Surgeon, The Alfred Hospital, VIC

Dr Paul Middleton

Director, Emergency Medicine Research Unit, Deputy Director Emergency Medicine, Senior Staff Specialist, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr Blair Munford

Anaesthetist/Retrievalist, Careflight, NSW

Ms Louise Niggemeyer

Trauma Program Manager, The Alfred Hospital, VIC

Dr Michael Parr

Intensive Care Specialist, Director of ICU, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr Chris Partyka

ED Staff Specialist, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Dr David Read

Trauma Surgeon, Darwin Hospital, NT

Dr Glen Schlaphoff

Interventional Radiology Director, Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Mr Wayne Wallace

Intensive Care Paramedic, Bankstown Ambulance Service, NSW

Dr Martin Wullschleger

Surgeon, Director of Trauma, Gold Coast Hospital, QLD

Organising Committee

Dr Scott D’Amours


Dr Valerie Malka


Ms Sonia Gagliardi

SWAN Secretariat

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